Trigeminal Neuralgia

This is a list of all the remedies, cures, suggestions, treatments or possibilities that I have either heard of, read about or had suggested to me for my trigeminal neuralgia or migraines.  I have highlighted the ones that I have tried to one extent or another. Some of them I have been told are not options for me by the Drs that I have seen because of the nature of my pain pattern or the Drs I have seen have not even heard of them as treatment options here, so I have included them but marked them with an asterisk.  I tried to organize them into sort-of loose categories but that only worked to an extent, so bear with that.

And please understand, I don't share this to make anyone feel bad for making suggestions, or to make anyone feel like they should apologize for making suggestions. I just want everyone to be aware of where I am at. This is my reality. Please understand that I am just juggling a lot of suggestions and recommendations and following the advice of my doctors (wherever I may be with that) and trying to pray and follow my instincts and what feels right to me, and all while just trying to get up each day and feel like living and struggling to function.  If perhaps I don't seem to give full heed to your particular suggestion, just please don't be offended. I have a lot in my head. Pain, mostly. And I share this too for anyone else who may be struggling with this pain, because I really don't know, some of this that doesn't work for me might be helpful for someone else. I have no judgment.  Most of the time we are desperate enough to try just about anything. And I am completely clueless as to why some things seem to work really well for some people and not at all for others. I really wish it weren't so complicated, but it really is. It's unbelievably frustrating and complicated. So, take this for whatever you'd like.  Mostly, just look at it like I do and be amazed at such a long list.;)
  1.  Ginger Root
  2. Feverfew
  3.  Magnesium
  4.  Alpha Linoic acid
  5.  Turmeric
  6.  EmpowerPlus Q96
  7. Vitamin B supplements
  8. Vit B /injections
  9.  Borage oil
  10.  pain fighting Crystal/Mineral
  11. Essential Oils
  12.  Foot Zoning
  13.  Acupuncture
  14.  Chiropractor
  15. Upper Cervical Chiropractor
  16.  Homeopathic Remedies
  17.  Tilt Tables
  18.  Magnet therapy
  19. Foods That Fight Pain (book)
  20.  Green Smoothies
  21. Gluten Free Diet
  22. Vitamin Shake Stuff
  23.  Migraine diet
  24.  Shingles diet
  25. detox cleansing
  26.  avoid MSG, aspartame, caramel coloring, caffeine
  27. The Mind Body Prescription (book)
  28. Rezzimax Vibration Massage Therapy
  29.  Tiger Balm Ointment (otc)
  30.  Capsaicin Ointment
  31.  Avoid power lines, gas lines
  32.  heat pack
  33.  cold packs
  34.  OTC pain med
  35. detox baths
  36.  water therapy- sensory deprivation therapy
  37. oxygen therapy (not an option that I'm aware of)
  38.  PainShield home ultrasound therapy machine
  39.  Trigeminal nerve block
  40.  MVD - Microvascular Decompression surgery*
  41. Gamma Knife surgery*
  42.  Radiofrequency Lesioning/rhizotomy*
  43.  glycerol rhizotomy*
  44.  balloon compression*
  45.  neurectomies (removing smaller sections of facial nerves)
  46. severing nerve root*
  47. peripheral nerve radiofrequency *
  48. anticonvulsants
  49. muscle relaxants - Baclofen, Flexeril, Tizanidine
  50. antianxiety meds
  51. antidepressants
  52. prescription migraine med abortives - triptans
  53. pain meds - narcotics (current Dr won't prescribe any stronger ones)
  54. Botox
  55. TENS unit
  56. prescription Lidocaine cream
  57. medical marijuana (illegal here in UT)
  58. biofeedback
  59. pain psychology
  60. compounded creams - ketoprofen/lidocaine/ketamine etc (current Dr won't prescribe)
  61. ketamine IV infusions*
  62. Deep brain stimulator*
  63. Peripheral nerve stimulator/ motor cortex stimulator*
  64. Core Synchronism 
  65. Laser Med Center 
  66. neurofeedback 
  67. cranial manipulation


Anonymous said...

Yep, it all looks pretty overwhelming. =(

Of everything on here (after having tried your highlighted list), if it were me, I would try acupuncture - from a highly experienced practitioner and with frequent treatments, perhaps every day. And a chiropractor experienced with nerve pain.

I would also, of course, find an out of state source for strong medical cannabis, perhaps in a tincture or topical cream. But I know you're not likely to go that route.


Julie said...

Wait a sec, someone suggested a tilt table for Trigeminal Neuralgia? I dealt with sciatica pain for an entire year, so I was desperate enough to try a tilt table, which triggered a flare-up....both times I tried it. I strongly recommend never trying it :)

Nikki Samuel said...

And...there is no cure for TN. Not yet anyway!

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