Monday, October 5, 2009

some matters of business

First, I hope I'm not throwing you all off too much by making this switch. And for some of you, you may question my reasoning, or think it is all in vain, or whatever else. That's ok. However effective or ineffective these small steps may be in protecting myself and my family, and deterring would-be plagiarists and stalkers, I still figure whatever I do with this blog and my efforts to protect some of our privacy is still better than what I was doing before. It just makes me feel a little better, so it's what I'm comfortable doing.

So, some quick reminders:

1. We will not be using the kids' real names or our last name anywhere on this blog.

2. We will also avoid making reference to the city we live in. Our state of residence is ok - just not specific city.

3. We will not name our childrens' schools or Zac's place of work.
4. And we will not mention birthdates or anniversary dates. The months of these occasions are ok, but not date.

5. If you have a link to our blog on your own blog or website, please update it with this blog address and WITHOUT our last name, if you would please. Thank you! Actually, if you leave the old one on, it won't matter because linkers won't be able to access it. But you might as well just change it to this one. :) Also keep this in mind should you ever reference our blog or link to it elsewhere. No last name, pretty please.
6. And please don't copy anything off our blog without permission. Linking to a post is great. And family members or neighbors and friends who might want to copy photos or whatever can do so with permission (especially if you or your child is in the picture!). But just ask. :)

7. By the same token, if you wish to remain anonymous on this blog and not have me refer to you by name (should I ever be so inclined) - then please let me know!! Also, in case I ever decide to make a blog roll, let me know if you would rather not be included in that as well. I will try my hardest to respect your wishes.


I really have had a hard time coming up with code names for the kids. I've brainstormed before but everything seemed so silly and/or confusing. It feels awkward and will take some getting used to for all of us, I'm sure. But here is what Zac and I finally came up with. If you happen to recognize our inspiration for these code names, please keep it to yourself. :) We don't want to spoil any secrets. But hopefully by using these simple recognizable names, it will help us all keep track of who is who.

So, here are their online alter-egos. INTRODUCING:

Abigail, age 10

Isaac, age 8

Samuel, age 5

Elisabeth, age 3

I hope that covers everything. I think we can get back to regular postings now. Phew!


Alyssa said...

oh what fun! If you ever wanted a second shot and renaming your kids now you've got it! How do they all like their new names??? any requests to make them more permanent? (((tee hee)))

Jane said...

So are those names you would've named them? How did you pick?

Kristen said...

sorry, I can't tell you how I picked them here on the blog, as it might defeat the purpose. But I'll tell you if you ask me in person. :)

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