Friday, October 23, 2009


So, Samuel got home from school yesterday at lunchtime, climbed up on my lap and laid his head down, and basically hasn't moved since. He has had a fever of somewhere up to 103, and a cough, and runny nose.

I called the Dr. this morning just to see if they would want him to come in, and they said a sudden fever and cough is pretty much assumed to be swine flu but they aren't testing for it and don't want you to come in unless you are in a high risk category or having respiratory distress. Also, because the other kids didn't really run fevers (if they did, it was more mild and short-lived), they probably did not have the flu.

So now I am trying to decide if the rest of us need to avoid other people as well, even if we're not having symptoms, or if we're not transmitting the disease until we actually come down with it. I tried to call the Dr. back but was on hold for 10 min and still "number 3 in line" so I thought I'd try again later.

Oh, and the swine flu, by the way, typically lasts for about SEVEN DAYS (according to the pediatrician). Like, in your bed, sick as a dog, for 7 days. So it looks like the fun has just begun.

As for me, I have a terrible headache behind my eyes and across the bridge of my nose (?), but not very much congestion, so I don't know what's going on with me. And I am very very sleepy.

And Isaac woke up a couple times during the night with a headache so bad it was making him nauseous - so he's home resting again today.
Abigail is still coughing but insists she is "fine."
Elisabeth feels left out of all the attention, I think, and keeps claiming that she's "sick, too" - but she really isn't.
And Zac went to work today, but might come home early.

And that's today's wellness update.
Is there a doctor in the house? Anyone want to offer their unqualified medical advice?


Mary said...

Sounds similar to what we had. We got it easy and didn't get REALLY sick. I recommend LOTS of sleep and rest for several days after you feel better. I found that I couldn't even do my usual (toned down) excersise and take it easy the rest of the day with out getting sicker. Also if you don't still rest and take it easy you get sick again.

bonitinha said...

Chicken soup. Good luck!

Alyssa said...

Sounds JUST like what we just had--only the boys in our housre though--the girls did a one day fever thing and were done--so I am guessing it was a differetn illness all together. The fevers were amazing I had one read 103.7 under the arm (so add a degree) It did respond to motrin but, we had to keep right on it and use luke-warm baths--it was A LONG 2 weeks in our house!--but, I did send the others out and about--call me crazy but here I would have to meet with a truancy court if my kids were not in school for the sake of trying to not infect the community--so, there you go! It is really tricky too because the contagious period is unknown but definitely the two days BEFORE you feel symptoms--and then possibly 1 day but, maybe 7 days AFTER you become symptom free--WAY TOO LONG to be MIA. I hope he feels better soon and tha tyou take it easy so you can deal with it...if it is it is a LONG HAUL

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