Monday, October 26, 2009

sickie update

Let's see.
I started with a wheezy cough with itchy tickles in my lungs on Sat.
Sun I started running a fever, with achiness, dizziness, fatigue and all of that. And a really really monster headache.
Today I still feel awful and Elisabeth has a fever and cough today.
I think Samuel's fever has gone but he is still coughing up a storm and has a rain faucet for a nose, so he is still home from school.
Isaac and Abigail are still coughing - but otherwise doing better.

So I guess I can't say for sure if it's the swine flu or not. It's possible that we all had it and just presented with different symptoms. Or that we've all gotten some different viruses, includingsome of us with swine flu. Or maybe just something else completely. The nurse said it didn't really matter what it was, exactly, since it's treated the same, until you get pneumonia or some other complication. Me, I kind of like to know what I'm dealing with.
But it's all very confusing unless you actually test for the flu - and our doc said they aren't testing for it right now. So. It seemed like the nurse said cough and fever is assumed to be swine flu - but the CDC website said you can have swine flu and actually not have a fever.

At any rate, we are all pretty much sick. Zac is still hanging in there. No fever or cough yet, but feeling drained.

I guess I knew that taking care of sickie Samuel was bound to do me in. He was sleeping in my bed for 3 days and not letting me move more than a foot away from him. No matter how much I washed my hands or extra vitamin C or whatnot, I'm not sure I stood a chance. What's a mom to do, really?

I'm just hoping we make it through the day today intact.

So our house is pretty much quarantined, but I will happily accept more movies to watch, or get well cards anytime. Just leave it on my doorstep (I won't be answering the doorbell). :)

more later . . .


Anonymous said...

Hope you all feel better soon! I understand your frustration in not getting a definitive answer about just what it is you are dealing with. I like to know too, and sometimes the docs just don't give clear cut answers. Hang in there...soon it will pass.

Planet said...

The anonymous comment above was me...not sure why it didn't publish my name. Janet Paton

Mr. Sessions said...


I would suggest to you that it sounds like you do have swine flu because my son was confirmed with it and now I have it and those are exactly our symptoms. My doctor said fever, cough, and aches in the patients that he has seen have been 100% confirmed when tested. The upside is that your body will build antibodies and it will be much harder to get in the future. Those headaches by the way are WICKED.


Anonymous said...

ugh, i'm sorry you guys are all sick. bren started coming down with something yesterday, not too bad.. just headachey, neck's sore (muscles, not throat), tired, a little warm to the touch but i haven't bothered to take his temp. same today, so hopefully it's not going to get worse? i kept him home from school today to rest...

i've been feeling oh-so-slightly-blah too, so we have both been megadosing on the Emergen-C's!!

(do you have a box of Emergen-C?? if you don't, have someone get you some. i'm taking at least 4 a day..)


Alyssa said...

Sounds JUSt like what our boys had--Starting with the monster headache! I am so sorry you have had to deal with it! But, glad you are wise enough to take is easy while your recovering...if the pattern continues the same you'll feel better soon but, be very worn out for another week--our boys were each so grouchy coming out of it--I guess due to exhaustion. Keep being good to yourself...and enjoy the movies:) !

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