Friday, October 9, 2009

Lookie what I can do!

Well, I was going to do a random friday and tell you all sorts of random tidbits. But I've run out of time. It is now 4:25 in the afternoon and I need to take a shower (finally), start dinner, and get everyone ready to go to Samuel's last soccer game tonight!

But just real quick: today I learned about some nifty new features on my camera! ("new" as in, I didn't know about them before)

First: The Super Macro
(which allows for super close-ups!)

And second: The Color Accent (pick a color to accent, and the rest is B&W).

Someday, I'm actually going to learn how to use my camera. That is my goal, you know.
And for those that may not know, but might be interested, my camera is a Canon Powershot S5 IS. It isn't an SLR - but I still think it's pretty cool. And it has some neat features. :)
So anyway - that's (some of) my news for the day. Have a Happy Friday


heather b. said...

Yes, those are two of the features Cameron enjoys most on his Canon, too! It's always fun to find new buttons to play with :)

Grandma B. said...

Now that is really cool!! I love the b&w with the blue accented. That's neat!

Anonymous said...

that is super cool!! you can do that in photoshop, but i didn't know there was an effect to do it in the camera!

i just got a new (new to me) camera body. canon 350d. yes! finally! a digital SLR! =) but at the moment i have no lenses, so still functionally i exist in a camera-less state. =(

(i decided "m" was too boring. you can just call me magpie) ;)

Kristen said...

yeah, I don't have photoshop and I never found an easy editing program that could do color accent, so I was pretty excited that my camera did it! :)

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