Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Samuel Update

Well, I seem to be having a problem with "dragging and dropping" photos to move them around, so these aren't in the order I wanted but it will have to do.

First, last week I took Samuel and Elisabeth to the Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point and Samuel actually rode the pony ride!! This is the first time he's done it since I can remember. He is usually frightened by it. But I was so excited that he seemed to gather his courage and decide to do it! He was nervous at first and clung to my shirt (and he still made me walk along side of him) - but he did let me walk ahead a minute to snap this picture, and doesn't he look proud of himself! :)

He also played soccer again this season. And he did really well!! He happily ran around on the field (remember last year he wouldn't even go on the field unless Zac or I was standing by him?). So it was a definite improvement. And he had a great coach who encouraged him to kick the ball and gave him lots of praise for every effort, which was great.

He even scored a goal his last game!! It was in the wrong goal, but nevertheless, we celebrated big time!! hehehe.
(oh and in the above pic, I accidentally left the camera on the color accent mode and Zac didn't realize it as he took pictures. He didn't even know the camera could do that, so it didn't occur to him that maybe it was unusual for the blue to show up so much!)

And here he is posing with his medal. He is such a crack-up sometimes, always making goofy poses. I know I often grumble about all the problems he can cause with his extra energy and uncooperative-ness, but really he has such a hilarious personality. It's really hard to get him to comply with much of anything we want him to do, but when he is happy and doing his own thing, there's just no way to contain his giddiness. So we are happy when he is happy, for the most part. :)
His teachers at school say they love him, and his church teachers say he says funny things. I wonder sometimes what he may be hiding behind his silliness (getting attention that way instead of contributing meaningfully) - but I am trying extra hard to appreciate him for his fun and spirited traits lately. I wouldn't ever want to change that about him.


Colleen said...

The code name thing is going to confuse me for a long time to come. :) Love those happy photos!

Kristen said...

I know, it confuses me, too. I have to go back and read through it a few times to make sure I didn't slip anywhere.

oh well. :)

Grandma B. said...

Aawwwww .... I'm so sorry I missed his last game. What cute pictures of a sweet little kid. He looks so proud of himself on the pony. He has come a long way this past year.

heather b. said...

Aw, these are such sweet photos and memories of him. I should put one of these pictures on my fridge instead of the sad-faced school photo!

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