Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hi everyone! Just wanted to welcome you over to the new blog. I put in last Weds picture just so I could experiment with some colors and things. It is still subject to change. And I am still seeking suggestions on especially AWESOME blog posts to drag on over from the old blog. hahaha. I know, there might not be any that were AWESOME enough to stick with you - but it's worth a try asking.

Other than that, I will probably go back through bit by bit and bring stuff over here and there (with original posting dates, so it doesn't get too confusing). There are some that have gotten a good response, and lots of interesting input, so I'll try to transfer some of those.

Soon to come . . . the kids' new code names! So exciting!!

So, just a reminder - Zac and I will retain our first names. No kids' names or last name, please. :)
Have a wonderful day!


Jennifer said...

Also, make sure to remind everyone to change the names they have on the links on their blogs.

Amber Baker said... are copyrighted and everything. That's impressive.

bonitinha said...

I love blog code names! I can't wait to find out yours!

Alyssa said...

I think you are wise to make the change...especially since in 25 years or so all this stuff will still be out there accessible to anyone--but, do tell me Is there something I am missing? What prompted the change? Perhaps blog about what you encountered that prompted the change so that all your fellow bloggers can protect ourselves too--thanks!

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