Monday, October 19, 2009

Isaac Update

(once again, I can't seem to be able to move pictures around and it's driving me crazy - oh well)

With Isaac's 8th birthday last April, he was able to join our church group's cub scout pack. Pretty soon after, he earned his bobcat award. The month after he got the actual badge they had him come up and he got to have his "bobcat stripes" painted on his face.

He didn't look particularly happy about getting stripes painted on his face, but he was a pretty good sport about it. And we forgot our camera (since we didn't actually know anything about this stripe-thing), so thanks to Jen M. for the pics. :)

And here he is showing off his uniform, once we finally got all the patches put on (it took quite awhile to get them all and then actually put them on).

And Isaac also played soccer this season.

His last game we finally bribed him with candy to get him to run around the field more. We told him he had to keep running anytime he moved on the field. It seemed to have worked, since he got in at the ball quite a bit more and seemed to actually be enjoying himself, instead of just moping around and speed-walking along the defense (compare the first picture with the second).
I have serious issues with paying kids for goals, which seems to be pretty common around here. But I do want him to do his best. And have fun. And be a good team player. Which means actually being engaged in the game. So that's what we were trying to encourage and reward.

Anyway - it was a pretty good soccer season!
(we are relieved to have a bit of a break from it, though. 2 soccer practices and 2 soccer games a week really takes a chunk out of our time. hehe)
And for the record, I don't have anything against girls playing soccer. Just with time and money constraints, we've told Abigail she has to make a choice. And she'd rather do ballet. We'll see what Elisabeth decides.
So for now, it's just the boys. Which is fine with me. :)


Joel said...

sounds like a future recruit for Jimmy's chicken shack.

Kristen said...

haha! Nice to hear from you, Joel. :)

Katie McCaul said...

Ok I hope this is where I can leave my email address to see your new

Mary said...

Wow he looks just like Zac! I can tell it has been a while since we've seen you.

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