Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just a real quick explanation

I've gotten a few question on why I've decided to do this now. If there was any particular event or breaking news or something that convinced me that some more privacy would be wise.

The short answer is: no. Not really.

Just every time I know someone who doesn't use real names, or makes their blog private, I think, oh, should I? And I am a natural worrywart, and I don't like to have any extra things causing me any unnecessary stress or anxiety (ha!) - so I'm just trying to alleviate this potential real or imagined threat.

And then the other day, my dad did make a comment in an email to the effect of:
"well, it's not like someone could track you or the kids down from the information on your blog, could they?"

Huh. Well, actually. They could have. If they wanted to. If they pieced together information from different blog posts, etc., they could in fact track us down rather precisely and efficiently. Yikes.

And Zac told me the story of a family that was visiting on vacation in Prague and saw their family portrait on an advertisement in a store window. And they wondered how in the world had someone gotten this photo unbeknownst to them? And they realized it was stolen off their blog.

So. Making a copyright and not disclosing certain information, I am hoping, will merely be acting as a deterrent against any of these rare, strange, unusual, and sort of scary occurrences. Of course, this is not fool proof. And of course, it is highly unlikely that anything of the sort would ever happen.

But for the same reason I lock my doors at night. And give my children instructions not to go with a stranger anywhere EVER. And a myriad of other little things we do to protect ourselves, just in case. This is what I will do in blog-land.
These are just precautions.

But also, the reason I am not making it completely private is because personally, I find it much more difficult to sign in and check private blogs individually. So I wanted to avoid having to do that. And I am vain and lonely and I like to imagine that lots of people far and wide will someday read my blog and come clamoring to my door exclaiming, "Kristen, you're a genius! We love you!!" hahahahaha.
Ok, not really.

But that, in a nutshell, is my reasoning. :)
Any questions?


Jennifer said...

Where did you get your copyright stuff?

Kristen said...

easiest answer: do a search for "copyrighting blogs."
The copyscape button is from the copyscape website.

Again, these are not foolproof answers. But at least it makes it clear that you don't want people to steal things off your blog.

Anonymous said...

you do know, though, that that copy-whatever-it-is button absolutely does not protect you from copy/paste or stealing photos, right?


Kristen said...

Yes, of course. Like I said, it is not foolproof.
The only alternatives are to put a watermark on every photo (which still doesn't prevent people from taking it, it's just more obvious that they weren't supposed to) or to make the blog completely private.

This just makes it clear that I do not want anyone taking anything - and for most decent people, I hope that will be a deterrent.

There's really not much else you can do - that I found.
If anyone knows of anything else, though, let me know. :)

Kristen said...

ps - Copyscape is a tool to look for your stolen content on the web. So, knowing that one can find the thiefs and shame them relentlessly (and, theoretically, punish them for violating copyright) should be enough to deter a lot of people.

I feel like the biggest problem is people thinking "they won't mind" if you repost a photo or something. This makes it clear that that is not ok.

Links to a post is fine.
Reposting somewhere else - not fine.

Alyssa said...

I like the explanation...thanks--"Justin Case" is a very good reason :)

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