Monday, October 12, 2009

And one more Public Service Announcement

ok, there seems to be some more confusion, so allow me to clarify.

I will be taking some of the posts off of the old blog, editing them for privacy, and then reposting them on this blog. Just here and there, a little over time, until maybe eventually everything from the old blog can be found again here. Maybe. I will probably start with the most recent posts and then maybe move back through categories or something. I don't know for sure. But if you see some posts and think, didn't I already read this? Yes, yes, you did.

Your big clue will be that I will put {reposting} in the title. So you know it's being {reposted}.

So, once again, the ones that say {reposting} in the title are not new, and you're not just having random brain misfirings (otherwise known as deja vu). You're not crazy (I'm just the crazy one for starting all this craziness!).

Boy, this starting over business is more complicated than one would think! But, I think it will be worth it in the end. Hang in there with me, pretty please.

Any other questions?!? :)
ok, carry on . . .

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