Sunday, June 17, 2012

a note to the father of my children

I don't often succumb to the temptation to get all sappy and gooey on my blog (or on FB etc). Or at least I try not to, usually. But this guy deserves some extra special commendation right now. He really does.
Because lately he has gone above and beyond what most dads are either willing or able to ever do for their families.
The last 6 months have been really rough on our family.
I have been mostly completely out of commission. Either dealing with the constant pain, or the side effects of all these crazy meds, or the increase in my depression that has been the result of both of those. There have been many many days (for weeks, and months) where I simply have not done anything at all. Where I haven't even gotten out of bed much at all. Ugh.
Zac has had to step in and be Superdad, filling in for both the mom and dad roles in our family.
He has gone to work full time, as usual.
Then he has come home and fixed dinner.
He has helped kids with homework.
Done the laundry.
Washed the dishes.
Straightened the house.
Given baths.
Done yardwork.
Led family scripture and prayer.
Given baths.
Gotten kids to bed.
Taken the kids to church.
Resolved fights and squabbles and arguments between kids.
Cleaned up hurts and put on bandaids.
Done the grocery shopping.
Supported and listened to me.
(and continued his crazy running schedule on top of everything else) ;)
Everything to keep our household running.
He has done it all.
And I am beyond grateful to him for that.
He is not perfect.
I will not say he never complains, because that's ridiculous.
I will not say he has endless energy to do all this, because he does not.
I don't know what we would do without him.
So Happy Father's Day, Zac.
Someday I will make this up to you.
And I will be able to give more to you than I have been lately.
More than just this little note for Father's Day.
I love you.


Colleen said...

Sweet post. What a great husband and dad. You're lucky to have him.

Little Chicks Info said...

Great guys will get through this...our prayers are with you always!

Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

Good job, Zac. I'm glad you have a good one to be there for you through all of this. I'm sure it is/has been extremely challenging.

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