Saturday, August 4, 2012

help Matt & Tricia adopt!

Tricia is the daughter of my dad's ex-wife. I met her when we went out to visit my dad and we then became more connected through our blogs and facebook (you know, the usual). :) And although I only met her in person a couple times, for not very long, I consider her a friend and I know her to be a wonderful, sincere, and loving person. She and husband are working very hard to fundraise to be able to adopt a baby and I admire them so much for all these efforts. They deserve this more than anything.

You can help them! If you want to do something good in the world today, consider contributing even a small amount directly to their fundraising account on their website. Or there are other merchants you can buy from and a portion will go to Matt and Tricia.

(and AN EXTRA BONUS - until tomorrow, you can be entered to win a raffle for an ipod or itunes gift cards just by sharing this! Spread the word!)

Go to to check it out!


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Tricia F said...

Thanks so much Kristen! I totally consider you a friend too! :) The website is actually

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