Tuesday, September 18, 2012

oh hi blog

just curious - is there anyone reading this who isn't on my facebook or twitter?

well, just in case there is here is the update:

I am not well. Still lots of pain.

Well, sometimes I am almost well. I can appear very well. But then I almost always regret it (by having more pain) later. That really stinks.

Not much more to say, really.
I'm trying to get in with a new neurologist.

I just can't seem to get a good grasp on things. Today was particularly hard.

Things are busy. Soccer, piano, violin, running club, scouts, Nutcracker rehearsals, homework. I count myself doing pretty well just getting the kids where they need to be each day. Then I have my appointments for me and/or the kids - it seems to average about 2 a week, taking about 3 hrs out of my day each time. I have to nap every afternoon.
And that's about the sum of my life.

But, really, in reality it's not enough. Those things alone are not enough to build and maintain a successful household and family. It feels like things are just crumbling away beneath my feet.

Anyway. Ohh . . . sigh.

Let me end with one good thing: I had dinner last night with a very good friend whom I haven't seen much of for a few years (?). It was nice to be able to talk to without censure, and feel compassion and caring, listening, understanding from her. I hope I was able to offer the same in return. I really really needed that.

Cheers, friends . . .
I know I'm a scarce presence around these parts lately but . . . you're always on my mind {cue music} . . . ;)

("maybe I didn't love you . . . quite as often as I should . . . .. . . ")


Colleen said...

I was glad you were able to come to our little girls' night last week, Kristen. I haven't seen much of you lately but I think about you and pray for you. Just wanted you to know.

Kristen said...

thanks Colleen.:)

Anonymous said...

Willie Nelson?really? Thank you in return. - Julie

Kristen said...

Julie, what the heck? Pet Shop Boys did a cover of that song. I should have clarified.;)

Kate Chappell said...

Thinking of you always!! Sending you good thought & prayers <3 By the way, someone still owes me a letter!! Just kidding... I know literally how painful it is to sit down & write. Love ya lady! <3 <3

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