Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012

 This year we had a zombie DJ (?), Clifford the Big Red Dog (for the 2nd or 3rd time), a witch (who insisted on the green face), and a cat faced tutu-ed teenager (?).  I don't know.  I hate halloween.  I hate coming up with costumes (or not) and I kind of give up and don't care... very much.  Especially this year.  Just . . . whatever.  Get candy.

 We made it to see our fantastic neighborhood "Thriller" flash mob which was pretty dang cool (except Elisabeth started whining, "can we go trick or treating nooow?!").

Samuel and Elisabeth ran so fast from house to house it was hard to get any other pictures of them.
Isaac liked to exude an exterior of nonchalence, but underneath he was serious about candy.  And Abigail was just silly.  Dancing along the sidewalk, silly.
And finally, Elisabeth was a moody little witch. 
Here she is explaining, none too patiently, to Samuel that this picture was for her only.

And the picture, of her only:

Happy Halloween.

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