Sunday, December 23, 2012


Zac and I just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary! 
 And I know a lot of these pictures are repeats from facebook and Instagram, but I am making a (small) effort to get things back into the blog so I'm putting it here too.:)
First you have the privilege of witnessing the best wedding photo ever:

 The night of our anniversary we had decided to go out to eat at a "nice" restaurant, one requiring reservations, with tablecloths.;)  I stayed in bed most of the day trying to save up my energy, hoping my pain wouldn't be too bad that night and ruin my chance to enjoy a nice dinner.

I think it mostly worked.

 Of course I couldn't resist the chance to get lobster tails, yum yum (unfortunately I took this picture after I had slaughtered my mashed potato so it's not as "picture perfect", but oh well.). It was delicious.

 And I tried to catch a quick photo of Zac enjoying his meal, too.

 After dinner we walked around an outdoor mall for a bit.  But it was cold.  And the stores were closing.  So it didn't last long.  But we took an awkward pic in front of a pretty lit tree, so that was nice.;)  (Sometimes we are just very photogenic - haha)

Finally, the Instagram photoaday prompt for the day was pardon.  I was trying to be sneaky with my camera phone in the restaurant (just felt a little self-conscious in the fancy atmosphere) so none of them are very great photos - this one especially. But what I posted was that "15 years of marriage has required a lot of pardoning of many faults on both sides."

And that is the truth.

Happy 15th Anniversary Zac.:)

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Colleen said...

Happy anniversary! Isn't it amazing how time flies? Jim and I are coming up on our thirteenth. Glad you guys had a nice night out!

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