Thursday, January 10, 2013


So, my neuro put me on a new anticonvulsant awhile back. But I had to titrate up on the dose and it would take about 6 wks to be up to a dose that would even begin to be effective (if it even worked at all). So, in the meantime I was having a really hard time coping with the pain. I felt like I needed something else to try to at least alleviate it a little so I could endure. Sometimes I feel like I'm begging to be flown to the moon....

I called my neuro hoping she could help me. My next appt with her wasn't for 2 months.

Medical assistant calls back to tell me:

"Sorry she won't prescribe anything for pain. You just have to be patient and wait for the anticonvulsant to start working. It will take awhile for it to work. You'll need to see another Dr if you want something for pain management."

So, after a few calls to my regular Dr and trying to find something to help with the pain, I get a call back from my Drs nurse:

"He's not going to keep prescribing pain medication for you. You need to see the neurologist who is treating you for this condition to get help for your pain since she is the one treating it."

This is my life.


Mom M. said...

Good grief .... That's insane!!!

Teri said...

It's SERIOUSLY time for new doctors!

Vicki said...

Hi, I'm the one praying for you on Instagram. I feel kind of silly telling you about what I found, because you probably have already seen everything on the internet already, but I have to share this anyway, just in case. Look at:

which = pain relief w/ The Pain-Shield ultrasound therapy



= meticulously separate the nerve & blood vessel, and inserting a Teflon disc -can be immediate and complete relief from pain. An endoscope is used so it is really not invasive like other procedures that are worse and have side effects.
I feel so bad, for what you have had to deal with. Depression and your trigeminal neuralgia seem to be just a big circle. Hope you can find a solution that will brake it!

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