Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Birthday #1

So the first birthday of the Spring Birthday Bunch, Samuel celebrated his 9th birthday in March.

He was so excited he couldn't get to sleep the night before and kept getting out of bed, at 10 pm (his bedtime is 8:30) he was still awake!  Then at 1 am I found him up watching TV in the family room. And then he was still up, dressed and ready to go to school before I was even awake at 7 am. Silly boy!


 He is at a stage where he is kind of hard to shop for because he wants everything.  Like everything he sees, he wants it. Everything that someone else has that looks like fun, he wants. Everything that's even slightly age appropriate for him (or even slightly not), he wants it. If his brother has it, he wants it. If his friends have it, he wants it. So it's tough on him and on us. It's tough because we obviously can't give him everything.  It's hard to teach him to be grateful for the things he has.  He is inevitably disappointed, always. We can't figure out how to stem the wanting. I really hope it's a passing phase. He has a really hard time with time with it. Anyway - so his birthday . . . I hope he was happy. I think he was happy. But he wanted so many things and it was hard to tell what he really wanted or what he just thought maybe he wanted just a little, so we just hoped he was happy and grateful to have gotten gifts and to have had such a great birthday.  He's such a great kid.  We love him to pieces. He just has some struggles.  This happens to be one of them at the moment.

Here are some of his cute creations lately.  :)  Happy happy birthday to silly energetic Samuel!

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britt_cakes said...

He definitely looks happy in all of those pictures. So fun. I know how you feel with the April birthdays. Both of my boys have April birthdays and our anniversary is in April. My boys are still young enough that we don't need to do too much to prepare but seeing your post makes me think that's what our life will be like in a few years.

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