Saturday, July 20, 2013

`and last but certainly not least, the May Birthday Girl

Remember we had a bunch of Spring birthdays?  Yes? Yes. May brought the last of them, our first born, who became the last of the birthdays.;)

Abigail turned 14. This brought all sorts of strange nostalgia to my mind because 14 is big! The summer after 8th grade. I remember that summer.  I'm writing a blog post about it. Maybe I'll post it sometime. Maybe. If I ever finish it.

Anyway. Abigail is the sweetest 14 year old you will ever meet. And not much like I was at all I think.  Not that I wasn't sweet.  But, well nevermind.  (See? I can't help it. This 14 thing keeps coming back to me, I need to purge it or it will haunt me forever. wow.)

I decided to spoil Abigail on her birthday and take her out of school to Kneaders for lunch.  It was pretty fun for the two of us.:)

Then for her cake, she got 2 of her favorite treats: nutty bars and reece's peanut butter cups.  Turned out pretty cool, I must say, for not having any idea for sure what I was doing!

And she got some musical sheet music that she can play on the violin and a used ipod touch (just as Isaac did - except she uses it for her music and taking pictures and not for games).

Confetti!  :)

Another part of her birthday was having 2 of her best friends come over to work on making a music video for one of her songs that she has written.  They worked all day on planning, acting and recording snippets with the video camera, then Abigail put it to her song and edited it and pieced it all together.  It's really great.  We're still working on getting it to where we can post it to YouTube and get it on FaceBook where everyone can see it.  I'm so proud of her.  (This picture is of her friend doing her hair beforehand - or pretending to do her hair or something.  Silly girls.)  ;)   And a very appropriate T-shirt from my mom.

My beautiful girl.  She is so musically talented and creative and loving.  Love her so much.

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Mom M. said...

Beautiful blog post of a beautiful girl. Love you Abigail and you too Kristen!

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