Monday, August 19, 2013


Is there anyone still reading this who isn't on my Facebook or Instagram? 

As I consider my blog posts, I just wonder how redundant I am. So if anyone is out there who doesn't see my photos or my status updates, let me know! ;) 

Part of me would sort of like to collect it all into one place anyhow, for consistencies sake and all of that, but we all know how great I've been at blogging anyway lately.  So. I'm just curious. Going forward... 

Leave me a comment please! I really do want to know! Thanks. 

1 comment:

bonitinha said...

I'm reading! From way far away across the country, I still like staying connected with you, even though I never comment. Your blog posts are touching and insightful and as I am not on facebook or instagram, I would be sad if you stopped blogging in favor of those other modes of communication. Keep blogging!

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