Sunday, October 21, 2007

Confessions of a Book addict, or Kristen's quest to read 50 books in a year {reposting}

It started last January 2007. We finally decided to pay the $80/yr non-resident fee to have a County Library card. Which means that instead of the 3 shelves of adult fiction available at our tiny local library, we would have access to the 19 county libraries in their system. Not only were the kids impressed (we walked in and they exclaimed "wow, look at all the books!!), but I discovered a new hobby. I found that by searching the online library catalog, I could find practically any book I was looking for, from any location in the library system, place a hold on it, and it would be delivered to the library closest to me (which happens to be about 20 min away), then I could pick it up and return it there! And I could check out up to 30 books for 3 weeks! Library heaven!!

So began the fun adventure of seeing just how many books I'd "always wanted to read" I could track down. And it turned into being quite a few. I also made another discovery. I'm a good reader. And I can read a lot in my day. And I can read fast. So I could read a lot of books in that 3 weeks. Really.

I am also a big fan of keeping track of things, making lists and keeping records. So I began again to keep a record in a notebook of the books I'd read and the date I completed them. And I was finding great satisfaction in seeing the list grow and grow.

Sometime in October, I was struck by the idea to count them. And it was over 40!! So, I figured I should be able to easily finish reading 50 books by the end of the year. And oh, what an accomplishment that would be! (heehee) So, I am now at 46 books read this year. And I'm in the middle of reading 2, have 2 more checked out to read, and 4 more placed on hold at the library. As with most other addictions, I am aware that the first step is recognizing that you have a problem. So here is my confession. Perhaps it may lead me on the road to recovery.

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