Sunday, November 4, 2007

Samuel and Curious George {Reposted}

There is a Curious George cartoon that comes on regularly on PBS and there is one particular episode where George is refusing to take a bath. The man with the yellow hat tries repeatedly to get him in the water - does he want bubbles? Ok, bubbles. But George doesn't want bubbles. Does he want to to take a shower instead of a bath? No, not a shower. George just makes his monkey sounds and runs around with something obviously very wrong with the idea of taking a bath. They go outside and someone's washing a dog or something and the man thinks maybe George will get wet or maybe not since he really has no idea why he won't take a bath. Then very suddenly George finds something in the water bucket and runs off and the man follows him, calling "George? George?" and is wondering what that monkey is off for next. Then he finds him in their apartment, happily taking a bath. And he says "oh you're taking a - bath? I guess we'll never know why you wouldn't take a bath." And he walks off. Because George is very happily playing and making monkey sounds in the water and the bubbles - and with a beloved toy frog, which he had lost - and found - in the water bucket.

There are more than a few reasons that George reminds me of Samuel, not the least of which involves the very curious aspect and getting into trouble and running around like a monkey. But, this episode in particular almost tugs at my hearstrings, because that is exactly what it's like when Samuel can't talk. And we are guessing and wondering and pulling our hair out wondering why in the world he won't "take a bath." And he is trying to tell us but it just doesn't make sense. Sometimes we figure it out - and sometimes we walk away thinking we'll never know.And that is part of the reason I love the curious George stuffed doll that we gave him for his 3rd birthday that giggles and laughs and shakes just like George. Because Samuel is a lot like that. Maybe that's why Samuel likes George so much, both the doll and the show. And we love our little monkey.

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