Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Colors {Reposting}

After seeing my mom's pretty pictures of the leaves up the canyon, and hearing on the news that our cold storm coming through this Wed. would effectively destroy them all, I was determined to go up and see them on Sun. So we took my mom again for a little drive up Provo Canyon and up to Sundance Ski Resort, where we walked around a little. It was late in the afternoon and the sun was beginning to dip behind the mountain, so some of the pictures aren't quite as brilliant as they would have been with the sunshine on them. But it was still spectacular to see. Made me very very happy. :)

This was taken through the car windshield in motion, so it's a blur. But it kind of looks like an impressionistic painting, doesn't it?

So many pretty colors!
Abigail has a school project where she is supposed to collect and press a bunch of fall leaves and this was the perfect place to do it!! I also read somewhere that you can dip the leaves in paraffin wax and preserve the colors that way, and then use them for decorations. I can't wait to try it!

A rare occasion for a family portrait! And hardly any of the kids are smiling and only a few are looking at the camera, but oh well. At least we are all there!

I love that red, yellow and green together.

The mountainside in the last remaining sunlight.

And I loved the sun blazing behind this bright tree. Of course it was even more impressive in real life.

Anyway - so it's autumn in the mountains. The leaves down here in the valley are drying and dying, but not really changing colors yet.

The temps are still in the 80's this week, until on Wed. they are supposed to dip into the 50's and snow in the mountains. And then, I suppose fall might be practically over. See? I told you - fall is too short here.
But I guess I'll take what I can get.
(and does anybody know where I can buy paraffin wax? Walmart doesn't have it) :)

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