Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a lovely Christmas. I was feeling better by the day of Christmas Eve, and we made cookies, and sang songs and did our usual Christmas Eve stuff. My mom and Chelsea came down to spend the night, which was fun. I don't think they've ever joined us for Christmas Eve before - or it's been a long time if they have. Here are some pics:

(the annual Christmas eve PJ's)

(the hard work of Christmas eve done for another year)

(I gave Zac a framed photo of him running out into nothing in his 50 mile race)

(Good Morning Grandma and Chelsea!)
(Isaac and Battleship)
(Elisabeth and fake make-up set. Grandma gave her actual real make-up - and that has now been hidden away out of necessity. hahaha. The stick-on earrings from Grandma were a big hit, though. She loooooves make-up and jewelry, which is just so funny to me, because she sure didn't learn that from me.)

(Samuel and play cash register)

(And finally, Abigail and her "disguise kit." This was the only specific thing she asked for - and I was kind of at a loss, both for how to find such a thing, and what she would actually do with it. But I found some fake teeth sets at the dollar store and ordered some fake noses from amazon and called it a "disguise kit" and here is one such creation (below). She really is hilarious. And next she says she wants some fake glasses and wigs. It must be the love of stage and theatrics in her, because otherwise I have no idea what to think of all of it. haha)

(and no pics of me this year. I guess I controlled the camera. But Zac did a great job picking things off my Amazon wish list and getting me my most favorite treats, which always makes me feel loved. We made the mistake of ordering things for each other using the same Amazon account, so I opened all the packages when they arrived, and didn't get many surprises this Christmas. But that's ok. The best thing, though, was the cord he bought for the Aux plug in the back of the van that reaches up to the front driver's seat and allows me to plug in my ipod!! yippee!!) :)
So, all in all, I think everyone had a great Christmas this year.
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, as well!

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