Friday, December 17, 2010

naughty or nice

Sorting through some papers Isaac brought home from school, I found a worksheet with this assignment:

Topic: Should I be on Santa's Naughty or Nice list?

My opinion: I don't really care about what list I'm on because he doesn't exist. But I think I would be on the nice list if he existed.

Reason #1: I am not yelling in the house like my two younger siblings.

Reason #2: I am a crazy video game boy - but I always do my chores - so if you don't like video games "Boo-you" to you cause I'm still smart!

Reason #3: I always wait patiently when I have treats and I don't beg for things like my little siblings.

Reason #4: I am a great example and I am smart!

I notice 2 themes here: he's better behaved than his younger siblings, and boy, he's smart! ;)
This kid cracks me up.

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Colleen said...

Ha! What a funny kid. I still remember his "letter to Santa" from the ward Christmas party a year or two ago. Something about "Santa is dead." So festive. ;) Did I tell you Elijah's in on the Santa charade now? He asked me several months ago, out of the blue, if Santa was real. He totally caught me off guard, so I just said, "Well, no. He's just a fun thing we pretend at Christmas." There were a few tears shed, but now I think he likes being in on the big secret.

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