Tuesday, January 4, 2011

snow happy

Remember back when I posted those incredible photos of snowflakes? After I spent some time browsing Ken Libbrecht's website a bit (snowcrystals.com), I became interested in his books and put them on my Christmas wishlist. I got this one for myself (for about $4 with shipping, thankyouverymuch) and got a different one for my mom. Anyway - I just finished reading this the other day.
And although my brain hurt just a little reading all the scientific explanations about the formation of different kinds of snow crystals (yes, I've been out of school for a loooong time) - I still found it pretty fascinating. I learned a lot!

And then yesterday I finally got this book that I've had on hold from the library for months:

So now I am excited to learn how to make paper snowflakes that actually look like real snowflakes (stellar dendrites! sectored plates! oh my!). My technique has not matured since elementary school, I think, so this should be a real improvement. (and PS, yes I know I can also find instructions for paper snowflakes online, but I do better with an actual book in my hand - it's just one of those things)
Just thought I'd share my latest attempts at appreciating what is before me. Snow, snow and more snow.
Books about snow do make me happy. Making pretty messes with paper makes me happy.
And when I'm feeling ambitious, I just might go find a magnifying glass and go out for a little field study of my own and identify some snowflakes sometime.
We'll see.


Mom B. said...

That's pretty cool. I hope to see some of the finished product with the paper snowflakes. Maybe you can teach me some technique too! And btw ..... I've enjoyed looking at my snowflake book and reading the thoughts in there. Here's one of my favorites. "I used to be Snow White, but then I drifted." May West

Christina G. said...

Books on snow are about as close as I'll come to the real thing. Maybe we'll have to make some paper snowflakes just for the heck of it! Thanks for the snow inspiration.

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