Thursday, January 27, 2011

song of the day

"We are okay,
we are alright
We sing very loud
Yeah, we're singing

We are okay,
we are alright
Close our eyes, close our mouth
yeah we shut our eyes though we're in doubt"
- Joshua Radin

This song came on my ipod this morning and I had to smile as I heard it and listened to Elisabeth singing (loudly) to herself from her room. Earlier she was belting out the chorus of "Angels We Have Heard on High" complete with her own little trills and ornamentation (and her own words of course). Yesterday, Isaac was singing "Day Tripper" as he got ready for school. (if you're my FB friend, you've seen these as my status updates, but I have no qualms about being repetitive here and there)
Anyway, it just struck me this morning how wonderful this really is. That my home is filled with kids singing to themselves. Or Abigail making up dances in the basement and writing stories. Isaac pacing the floors early in the morning, "thinking" (who knows what). He has a bit of insomnia and a brain that never stops. Samuel with his love of "rock and roll" and break-dancing (don't ask). ;)
But just in case I have neglected to mention it lately . . . I just wanted to tell you that today, this morning, as I think about my life, as I look around my messy house, my endless to-do's, and despite my many failings and the chaos that is often my brain, despite the craziness of kids that fight and refuse to listen . . . somehow in the midst of all of this, (sometimes),
we can "sing very loud,
yeah, we're singing . . .

we are okay,
we are alright."

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The Mel B said...

For the record, I find Samuel's love of "rock & roll" completely and ridiculously adorable.

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