Friday, June 17, 2011

technical difficulties

Well. Some bad news in these parts. The power adaptor cord thing for our laptop completely broke yesterday. We've bought 3 different replacement cords and none of them have worked and we aren't completely sure why. So, if it's not the cord (which doesn't even make sense that it wouldn't be, because it worked if we tweaked the old cord and held it at a certain angle - before the tip broke off completely, that is), then it's an internal problem which we've been told is not worth fixing on our $3oo laptop.

So, the good thing is our desktop PC is semi-functional at the moment so I have access to my email and FB and everything. The bad thing is that my camera software, and the editing program I use with my photos, and my itunes library and all of that kind of stuff is on the laptop, and not easily transferred. So this just makes blogging inconvenient at best, and nearly impossible at worst. I can't get to the photos I've already uploaded, and I can't upload any new photos either right now. And what is blogging without photos?!

So my trip recap is, at this point, postponed indefinitely. So sad. I know how disappointed you all must be. I myself am terribly distraught over it. I'm not sure what to do about it. We are thinking our best solution may be to look for a used laptop to replace this one. But even that requires more money than we have to spend at the moment. My brother in ID has an old Mac laptop he wants to sell. But it is in Idaho. Ugh.

Anyway -I'm awfully sorry to have to take this unexpected blogging break. :( But I'll be back (with pictures!!) just as soon as I can possibly can. See you then.

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Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

What part of Idaho? My sister is going up to the Rexburg area for the 4th. Is that anywhere close?

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