Thursday, July 7, 2011

oh hello!

I think . . . I am about ready . . . to come back to blogland at last. Hooorraaaay!!!

It took quite a long time to figure out all those computer issues. Long story short, we eventually bought a new laptop and I am allllllllmost finished with getting everything transferred onto it. I think.

Now I am just feeling a wee bit overwhelmed with the large {virtual} pile of posts I want to get written! Sigh.

And I'm not sure whether to start in with some more recent-ish posts, get up to date then finish the trip posts, or just start back with the trip I never finished and continue chronologically from there, or mix em all up together as I get to them. Huh.

Well, here's a more recent photo I took of a sunset from my back deck, just to whet your appetite for all the awesomeness to come. haha.

More soooooooon . . .

1 comment:

Mom B. said...

Can't wait for more!!! Love your pictures and your posts!

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