Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Abigail performed in her last ballet recital in June. It's been decided that she will quit ballet for awhile . . . for a variety of reasons. But anyway - the theme of the recital was Nursery Rhymes and she performed as Little Miss Muffet and as one of The Three Little Pigs. Her ballet teacher decided she was ready to perform her Little Miss Muffet solo on pointe, which was wonderful for us since we'd been hoping hoping hoping she'd be able to perform on pointe before quitting. :)

She did such a great job. She is so graceful and expressive in her dancing. So much natural talent, combined with an absolute love of being on the stage. Do you see the line of her face and arms in that bottom left photo? And her pretty hands? Beautiful. Really (if I do say so myself).

She cried on the way home after the recital, sad that it was her last one (at least for awhile). And I cried with her. It broke my heart. We are so proud of her and just amazed at how much she thrives on performing. We know she'll find more opportunities for being on stage, and we hope she'll be able to get back into dance again someday . . . soon. It's just hard and no way around it.

Anyway - I was going to just post that collage above, but here are some others I can't resist sharing.

Little Miss Actress being scared by the spider:

And 3 flying pigs (funniest action shot ever):


Mom B. said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! You should get some print enlargements of some of those shots. Will you send me the pictures??
Love you, Mom

Colleen said...

So sad. :( She did look beautiful.

Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

Those are some beautiful pictures. I wish her a speedy return to her love.

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