Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Fun {1}

I struggle with summertime. I hate feeling hot - and I end up feeling headachy and sluggish and sleepy. If I don't have some sort of plan, it would be very easy for me to let entropy take over in all things in my household and we just wouldn't do much of anything.

So, yes . . . we made a list. Included on it are utilizing some tickets and deals we've already purchased through Groupon or whatever. Some ideas I have stolen off of Pinterest (probably the list idea itself). Some are really just simple visual reminders of things we should be doing already. I really benefit from having this list up and in sight when I'm tempted to just sit in front of a fan and facebook for hours (nahh, just kidding, I just used FB for the alliteration. hehe.). ;)

Anyway - we've checked some things off! Here's the picture proof:

Trying new recipes! Strawberry Lemonade Scones

Arts and Crafts! Painting

Homemade popsicles! Herbal wild berry fruit tea popsicles

and frozen "grapesicles"

Strawberry Picking!

I will even admit to making out a basic weekly plan to try to adhere to (don't laugh - I'm too lazy without one). So I've got a couple pool days, a cleaning day, a treat or craft day, and a "go do something fun" day. Everything is going pretty smoothly, except for the cleaning day. I'm still working on that one. haha.

more pics to come:)


Mr. Sessions said...

Where around here can you pick strawberries? I miss Belvedere plantation back in VA. I used to go there as a kid and pick tons of berries.


Kristen said...

Laird - Layton was the closest I could find. Not real close, but worth it for the experience I thought. :)

bonitinha said...

I want that strawberry lemonade scone recipe! Will you send it to me pleeease?

Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

It looks like you are doing really well on your list. Good job.

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