Sunday, July 24, 2011

Home to the Commonwealth: Day 7, rehearsal

Saturday June 4th we spent the day at Melissa and Chris's helping to get things ready for the wedding and hanging out for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Since they were having the wedding in their own backyard, we got to help out with yardwork and decorating and all of that fun stuff. yay!
(Here are some paper chains that mom cut and assembled)

Melissa is very crafty and she and Chris had a lot of fun unique touches they added to their intimate little wedding. I was very impressed, as the last thing I am on this planet is crafty and the last thing I want to do when planning a big gathering is stressing about any additional personal "touches." haha. But Melissa seemed calm, cool and collected pretty much the whole time and pulled everything off beautifully. Impressive indeed.

Anyway - we also got a chance to snuggle and fuss over cute baby Miles (my nephew):

(mmm, mommy's skirt is so tasty):

(and my brother, the proud papa):

And then rehearsal time (in the beautiful trees of Falls Church, VA):

And some tripoly fun later on:

wohoo! The next day is the wedding! :)

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