Saturday, July 16, 2011

Home to the Commonwealth: Day 4, Assateague Island

We really wanted to visit a beach while we were out on the east coast (how could we not??) so we decided to check out Assateague Island. Half of the island is part of VA and half is part of MD, but you have to drive up into MD and then back down onto the island, so the VA part was actually further away (south of the MD part) so we went to the Maryland part. The island has wild horses, too, which you can see if you're lucky! Well worth the 3 hr drive from Northern VA where we were staying.

On the way we picked up Dunkin' Donuts (which we don't have in UT) and by the donut shop was this very cool, very old playground where of course we had to stop and play. :)

And the beach. was. gorgeous. The weather was in the 80's with a nice ocean breeze and the water was perfect and refreshing. There were only a few other small groups there within our sight. So in one direction, this was the view:


I read some of my book. Took a nice nap on the blanket to the sound of the waves. I even went for walk/run for 30 min. out in the direction where there weren't any other people and I didn't see another soul. I've decided there is hardly anything quite so refreshing in this world as running through the surf all alone, splashing and grinning into the breeze. It was a really wonderful day. Quiet, relaxing, rejuvenating.

And we saw the wild horses as we were leaving, too. Can't beat that! :)



Colleen said...

Beautiful! I still haven't been to the beach in VA yet.

Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

So lucky. It looks amazing.

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