Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Home to the Commonwealth: Day 9, Great Falls, VA

Monday, June 6 was the day that we were flying back home to UT but our flight wasn't leaving until the early evening so we had some time for one . . . more . . . little . . . adventure. Melissa and Chris were off on a little honeymooning adventure of their own, so we decided to drive over to Great Falls National Park since it was relatively close, beautiful, full of memories, and within easy access of the airport to boot! It is, yes, another one of my favorite VA places.

When I was about 14 (?) we came here to go rappelling for a church youth camp activity-thing. We rappelled down a 70 ft(?) cliff down onto the ground right by the water, which was sort of freaky. I was really proud of myself for doing it though. ;) I'll dig up a picture someday to show you.

And then my family and I came again several times.

And I brought Zac there once way back when we lived in VA and Abigail was a teeny thing.

It's just the perfect combination of rushing water, green trees, waterfalls, rocks to climb over, trails to hike. All those wonderful things that I love so much.

(and it's amazing to think about the floods they have there when the Potomac river reaches above where these overlooking platforms are and even higher. Amazing and terrifying. Water is pretty incredible.)

So, there it is. Sigh.

It's been so long since I've been home now, that not only does it feel like the whole trip was a dream, but I am surely forgetting some things that I meant to include in these posts. I'll have to think some more and see if I remember anything really crucial and then I'll have just one more trip post for you!!
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