Friday, July 22, 2011

Home to the Commonwealth: Day 6, The Bride

And now for the "real reason" of the trip: my darling little sister's wedding festivities. :)

There's Melissa in the middle, with her 2 friends that planned the bridal shower fun:

We played a game where she had to guess the answers to questions that Chris had answered previously and for each wrong answer, she had to stuff a marshmallow in her mouth. She ate a lot of marshmallows. ;)

We decorated cupcakes:

And hung out doing stretches (??) (hahaha, dont ask):

Mostly though it was just fun to celebrate this pretty girl who has always liked to sit like this:

More wedding goodies to come!

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The Mel B said...

We had a little conversation about the answers to some of those questions and he said "I was getting tired of answering questions so I just started saying anything!" So... not really my fault there. And I still give him a hard time about not saying Erasure as his favorite band. Because how many other bands does he have about 50 cds and records (many of the same album from different countries because the font is a different color or something), a box full of t-shirts, a door mat, and even an eraser for? None. That's right. Weird.

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