Thursday, October 27, 2011

and . . . more running!

(a catch-up post on some races I've missed)

Recovery Days 5K

Sept 17 2011

Zac's work helps put on this Recovery Days race and he likes to drag the older kids along to run it. This year they ALL PLACED FIRST in their age groups! YAY!

Isaac - ran in 29:54 - got 1st place boys age 1-10 (49th men's overall out of 126)
Abigail - ran in 25:15 - 1st place girls 11-14 (5th women's overall out of 113)

Zac - ran in 18:14 - 1st place overall!!!

(and he won a gift certificate to Outback Steakhouse and to a spa place! yahoo for fun race prizes!!!)

(some pics someone else took at the finish and gave to Zac)

BYU Triple Crown Elementary School Race

Sept 21 2011

Our school running club decided to participate in this elementary school meet at BYU. They were separated by gender and grade and then each group started 5 min apart. And I think Zac was out of town and Abigail had a church youth group activity so I was there alone with the 3 kids trying to help get them to the start and then be there to take pictures at the finish and, well, let's just say it didn't work out very well. Ugh.

I don't like crowded events much to begin with. Then the stress of getting the kids each where they needed to be, making sure they stayed there, coaxing them into participating (and not wimping out), etc etc. Hm. It wasn't much fun for me.

Here is Elisabeth at the start (#1472). The kindergartners were invited to run with the 1st graders.

So 5 min after her start, it was Samuel's turn to start. He was very anxious and nervous and almost didn't let me leave him there. But he did it!

Then I ran over to the other side of the field to see Elisabeth finish!

And I had gone up to sit in the bleachers where they told the parents to go to watch - but then when they got to the finish I realized in a panic that they were just letting the kids go off into the crowd after the finish line. AHHHH!!! So I pushed through the crowded bleachers and weaved my way over to the finish line to get her and by the time I reached it, Elisabeth was nowhere to be found. Panic. I ran around a little trying to find her, but then realized that Samuel was coming up to the finish line!!

I grabbed another familiar looking parent from our school and asked her to please grab Samuel at the finish line so that I could go find my lost daughter. Ugh!!

I ran over to the start to look and then came back again and finally saw her with her friend's mother. Phew! But of course she was in tears because she didn't know where I was. Who knows how lost she'd been before this nice mom grabbed her.

Then we went over to get Samuel, who was then also in tears because I wasn't at the finish line, even though at least I knew he was safe with another parent. But I was about in tears as well from the sheer madness and panic of it all. Not good.

Ah. But then, we had a wait until it was time for the 5th grade boys. At least I didn't have to worry about him freaking out at the start, or running off the course, or deciding to stop somewhere along the way, and I knew I would be there at the finish for him.

yay! We survived!!

Their times were:

Elisabeth 12:36 1 mile (54th out of 65)

Samuel 9:55 1 mile (45th out of 78)

Isaac 9:17 1 mile (33th out of 43)

Redhawks Run

Oct 14

As the culminating activity for the school running club they had a race during the school day and the other classes came out to watch and cheer them on. That was kind of fun. Except Samuel and Elisabeth refused to participate. Stinkers. So we all cheered Isaac on.

He did great! He ran 2 miles in 18:38, placing 3rd for the 5th grade boys. He kind of does better with the longer races because he paces himself so well. He gets in his good pace and doesn't really vary it and can maintain it well - which is great for long-distance, not so great for sprints.

Anyway - they had a little award ceremony at school the following week and he didn't think he had done that well (I'd seen the results posted online so I knew where he'd placed but didn't tell him). When they called his name for 3rd place, he even thought it must be some other kid so he didn't stand up until someone nudged him and told him to go! He was so surprised and excited!

I'm pretty proud of all my runners, big and small.:)

Abigail has also been running at her school cross-country team - but I'm not sure if they're doing any races or not. They are kind of more of a club, not an actual "team" for some reason, so I'm not sure how it works.

But anyway - there's our running update! Give them all a cheer! wohoo!


Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...
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bonitinha said...

I can't believe your kindergartner ran a whole mile! That's very impressive. Congrats to everyone on their accomplishments!

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