Monday, October 17, 2011

playing in orchestra

One of the exciting things about the advent of middle school for Abigail is being able to play in a school orchestra! Her very first concert was last week.

(pictures aren't in order but I don't feel like fixing them -sorry)

It's a nice size orchestra.

They have 3 orchestra levels at their school (of just 7th and 8th graders) and she's in the middle group (intermediate). The advanced group is much smaller so I think this is good for her this year.

But I was quite impressed with all 3 and with the conductor.

It is sometimes hard to have her "following in my footsteps" so to speak, with the same hobbies I pursued (ballet and violin). Sometimes I wish we hadn't had her do that. Of course, she expressed desires to do those things and that's why we started her with them. That, and it is a million times easier to support your kids in hobbies that you have at least some experience in so you can help and encourage them (as we learned when Isaac took T-ball and Zac and I were both clueless and couldn't even help teach him). Anyway - sometimes I feel like I'm too hard on Abigail. As we head into these teenage years, I'm so afraid of screwing up. But that's not really what this post was supposed to be about, was it?

No. So nevermind.

I love my beautiful Abigail girl and am so proud of her accomplishments. I love seeing her improve and being able to share in her experiences of orchestra now. One of her friends even came just to see her play and it just warmed my mommy heart.:)

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