Tuesday, April 10, 2012

March Photo-A-Day: some more

I missed a couple days this time around. And this is the last batch of pictures (days 20-30) instead of the next batch (days 12-20). I was going to upload them all, but I'm tired and giving up. Bleh.

And can someone tell me why some of my Instagram photos get all streamed into my "Cloud" photostream automatically and some just don't and I can't find them anywhere but in my Instagram feed? I don't get it. Oh well.

Ok here we go:

Day 20: Before and After - Sunset

Day 21: Delicious - that moment just after all the kids have left for school when I can sit by myself in complete quiet. Ahhh.:)
Day 22: Kitchen Sink - um yeah, I deliberately skipped that one.
Day 23: Moon - my husband holding up our kids' toy moon outside in the middle of the night. Turned out pretty well I think. ;)
Day 24: an animal - pic of Leia the bunny that didn't get streamed into my stream and I'm just too lazy to get it from my phone to my computer right now
Day 25: Breakfast
Day 26: Key - our first house key!
Day 27: My name - on a birthday card from my mom:)
Day 28: Trash - there's a lot of it out in this field
Day 29: Feet - I wanted to get a cute pose of all my kids' adorable barefeet. But. It didn't happen. Some other time, I guess.
Day 30: Toy - I just love whales, that's all.
One more batch to blogify for you. Coming soon!!
And no, I'm not doing April photo-a-day. It's a pity, I know. I'm just . . . not.

1 comment:

Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

I love the photos and how you interpret the themes.

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