Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Phantom of the Opera

Back on February 2, I had the chance to take Abigail and Isaac to see a production of The Phantom of the Opera at BYU.  I really would have loved to go with Zac.  But I also knew how much Abigail would die to see it, and then I thought that it wouldn't really be fair to offer this opportunity to her and not to Isaac, who may enjoy it just as much even though he isn't as vocal about things.  And then, the price of all the tickets was adding up . . . and although Zac loves to enjoy the arts with me, he's not one to make a fuss over whether or not he sees this kind of thing live.  So anyway - it was a bonding time with me and the 2 older kids.:)
It was also pretty fun to take them down to my old college stomping grounds.  I always get a little nostalgic.  I took them to eat at a yummy local burger joint, Burger's Supreme and I laughingly told them I'd been on many a date there.  They then looked around with noticable interest at the college crowd and asked in a whisper, "are any of them on dates?!"  hahaha.;)

Then before the show, I took them down to the basement of the fine arts building where the orchestra rooms are and stuff.  It was fun to show them all the practice rooms etc and it made me laugh when a student saw us peeking into the rehearsal room and asked us if we were lost.  That's when I knew I no longer pass as a student - haha.  Well, and I did have 2 kids with me.  No, no, I responded, I'm just showing my kids around where I used to play. 

Oh and of course, the theater where the Phantom was being performed is the same theater where I had my orchestra concerts and where Zac had invited me to a formal dance by lowering a banner over the balcony where I could see it when I looked up to try to find him. Good times!  Good memories!  So strange and fun to be telling these stories to my kids in the places where they happened!!

Enough of the nostalgia though.

The performance itself was amazing.  It's been a lifetime dream of mine to see it live and I loved every minute of it and I loved that I could share the experience with my kids.  Isaac was quite anxious (as usual) about getting home late afterwards, and things like how to find the bathroom if he needed to leave in the middle of the show, etc etc etc (my poor anxious boy).  But other than that, I think he really enjoyed it.  And Abigail loved it too.


Mom M. said...

What a fun experience for you and the kids. Something they will remember for a long time, I'm sure. I can't believe how grown up they are getting. Won't be long till they will be on the college scene!!

Colleen said...

Imagine how many alums get all foggy-headed with nostalgia every time we set foot on campus! I really liked Phantom too. We saw it on one of the dress rehearsal nights, so there were a couple of technical snafus, but the performers were so good. Glad you got to take your kids, I can't wait until mine are old enough to enjoy the arts!

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