Friday, March 8, 2013

currently . . .

Just decided to do this little check-in I found on Pinterest once upon a time:

1. Listening - to Madness by Muse, Swim by Message to Bears, Runaway Train by Soul Asylum, and While I'm Reaching for You by Immanu El.

Also, listening to stupid Disney shows on the TV from the living room and various screams and noises from the 2 younger children.

2. Eating - today I had frozen pizza for lunch. ugh.

3. Drinking - water, water, water.

4. Wearing - my pink polka dot pajama pants and a t-shirt from The Shirt Shack in Ocean City, NJ.  I never got dressed today. Blah.

5. Feeling - a bit emotionally blah . . . worn out, physically tired today, slightly dizzy.  Pain has been spiking here and there.  It's not been a great day.

6. Weather - the few times I actually stepped outside the house today, the sky was overcast but it's been warming up so that's nice.  I don't know but I think it was in the 40's today?

7. Wanting - Spring, an organized house, to understand people better and be understood, a really good day.

8. Needing - comfort, hugs, a haircut I actually like, to exercise.

9. Thinking - about expectations and why people always seem to talk about them as a bad thing, about a trip to CA this summer for my sister's wedding and a trip to VA for my 20 yr High School reunion, about stupid disturbing dreams that are hard to get out of my head and haunt me all day, & about upcoming spring birthdays!

10. Enjoying - 1)Instagram.  Oh, instagram how I love thee.  Seriously.  2)A new app I got called Awesome Note.  It's for organizing all sorts of notes and lists, journal entries, recipes, photos etc.  It makes me happy. 3)Also sort of enjoying watching The Walking Dead - we're on Season 2 on Netflix.  And no, I never thought I'd say that.  Yes, I think it's disgusting and gross.  I'm almost ashamed to admit I'm sort of enjoying it.  But the characters are really interesting . . . .

11. (my addition) Reading - The Summer of the Great- Grandmother by Madeleine L'Engle, Anne Of Ingleside by LM Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables #6), and starting Michael Vey #2 by Richard Paul Evans.

That's it.  Maybe I'll check in every once in awhile, maybe it will help me ease gently back into posting more regularly.  Who knows.  Have a good weekend friends.:)

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