Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer Fun {10}

[note: for some reason I'm encountering a major mind block against finishing up these summer posts. This one has taken me forever to write. But I'm still determined. I can't get on with fall until summer is fully out of my system, can I? No I cannot. ok. Bear with me.]

One of my biggies on "The Summer List" was to go to free outdoor concerts. There are actually a lot of options around and there is nothing that seems more perfect for summer nights than sitting out on a blanket listening to music. Especially good music. And, well, especially for free. I did manage to get the whole family out for that one rooftop concert - but there were a couple I really wanted to go to with just Zac. Salt Lake City offers a Twilight Concert Series and I was excited to see not just one, but two bands playing that I knew (score #1!) and liked (BIG score #2!!). I was determined to make it to at least one of these (Explosions in the Sky and The Decemberists). I especially really wanted to see Explosions in the Sky because I just thought that would be really cool to hear live. It's been sooooo long since I've intentionally gone to see a live band that I liked ($$ being the main factor). Like, hmmm let's say around 16 yrs maybe? yeah.

So, the date got closer . . . and I couldn't find a babysitter. Thought I'd go with a friend . . . and that didn't work out. And . . . still couldn't find a babysitter. So. Hm. Would I go alone? I really didn't want to. But . . . . hmm. I really wanted to go!! aahhh!

After some consideration (and trying to determine if my paranoia or my desire to go would win out), I just decided to go by myself.

(I know it's sort of silly that this was a big deal to me to go do this alone - but considering that I went through a stage a few years back when my anxiety and paranoia made it difficult for me to leave the house alone in the dark at all , I'd have to consider this an accomplishment.)

So on July 14th, a nice Thursday evening, I took the trax lightrail, walked from the stop, went in the park and found myself a nice little spot on the grass to sit before it started. When it started getting really crowded and the bands started, I moved up a little and just stood in the crowd, trying not to stand out too much. I felt old, more than anything. The crowd was much younger, and a little rowdy, and a lot more energetic.

But I was content to just stand and strain my neck to see as much as I could (why are there always so many tall people? am I really that short?? sheesh) and enjoy the music (no crowd surfing for me, folks - haha).

Here's a picture of what the view was like from the tall guy behind me who took the pic for me:

And here's the picture later that I took by holding my camera up and hoping for the best. Nope, that didn't work out so well.

And these are some of the official Twilight Concert Series photos (taken by a real photographer)

I was standing back by that flag pole somewhere - can you see me?? (haha - jk),

So, all in all, I'm glad I went. I'd have to say the smoking and drinking (of possibly assorted substances) got a little obnoxious - especially since they had announced that smoking was prohibited in the park. ha. Yeah right. So I don't think I'd go again and hang around all that if not for a band that I really really wanted to see. But I came home smiling to myself and filled with that unique kind of excited energy that comes from live music. There's something about being fully present in the music. And everyone else around you being intent on the same experience (ehhh, well mostly anyway). And the energy of a band wanting to perform well for a crowd. Not much else like it.

(postscript: Zac and I didn't make it to The Decemberists or any other outdoor concert - so I am glad I put forth the effort for this one. It was worth it.) :)

And if you want to go take a listen to one of my favorite songs by Explosions in the Sky, click this link (blogger is still being weird about embedding video):


The Mel B said...

For some reason you have to click into HTML code to paste the video link. I don't know why it changed, and chris has to remind me pretty much every time I post a video that it doesnt work, but that's the fix.

And good for you for going to that concert! I miss outdoor concerts (well, festivals really)

Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

I think you are incredibly brave. I can't think of any concert that would make me go by myself. Good girl.

Colleen said...

I probably should have gone. But I'm glad you had fun! I went and saw Death Cab for Cutie with my sisters a couple of weeks ago and I forgot how much I've missed concerts!

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