Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Fun {5}

The same day as the balloons (July 1) - we went back down to Provo to catch a little bit of this Colonial Village that they do . ..

And also go to this free Rooftop Concert. Going to free outdoor concerts was big on my list for the summer and I was super excited to go see Sarah Sample - whose music I already love (I posted about her here). And then they were doing the entire Beatles' Abbey Road album. Different singers, or combination of singers (check it out here). But Beatles' songs! The entire album! Did you know that The Beatles are one of the very few music bands that Zac and I both agree on completely? And did you know that one of my lifetime goals has been to see a Beatles cover band? So, of course we couldn't miss this. Even the kids were excited to hear Beatles songs. I love that about my little family. :)

(ok, now watch out, lots of name-dropping and linkage in this post, folks. Just cuz I feel like it)

And look! Here's the marvelous CJane getting the show started (you know her, right?and here's her blog post about the awesomeness that was that night):

sarah sample:

our kids were so thrilled to hear the music live that I "have on my ipod" - haha.

And look! can you see? There's NieNie of the NieNie Dialogues up there with some of her crew. I was laughing at myself for how idiotically excited this little glimpse made me. haha. So easily star-struck am I, I guess.

And then, Abbey Road begins:

these guys there are from Fictionist. And that guitarist guy with mass of curly hair and skinny black jeans? He is Hum in this blog that I love to read (written by his wife) - I'd recommend it. :)

An especially unflattering pic of me and Zac:

And out little brood of happy concert-goers:

It is true that we left early so as to get the kidlings to bed at a somewhat reasonable time (before 11?) so we actually didn't hear the entire album performed. But it was worth it for what we heard. So much fun.

(and can I get a little virtual applause for dragging the fam along to do things that really I just want to do but creating some really great family memories, even though they aren't easy things to drag everyone along to do? yes? phew. thanks.) :)

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