Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Les Boise!

I rather spontaneously decided to take a road trip with my mom up to Boise ID to visit my brother and his little family over the weekend (I know! So unusual of me to be so spontaneous!). It's about a 5 hr drive from Salt Lake. The timing wasn't the greatest for me, as Abigail had just returned from weeklong girls' camp and I really wanted to hear all about it. But it was the only weekend my mom had free and I'd been wanting to go for a long time. They moved up to Boise over a yr ago (I don't remember exactly) and I hadn't made it up to visit them yet (and they have that most irresistible baby boy I just had to see again).

So here they are in front of their adorable house:

First we went to the Farmer's Market in downtown Boise.

Lavender is the best! (I bought a bar of Lavender Oat soap, and a Lavender Lime bath bomb. Mom also got me a tiny miniature pottery mug, which is just so cute and fits so perfectly in my fingers, I want to carry it around with me and . . . rub it. haha.)

Later, we walked down by the Boise river and waded in the water. It was really hot and the cold water felt great. Lots of people raft down the river. I'll have to try that sometime.

Miles liked to spend all his time practicing standing up and throwing his toy bugs. I'll try not to bore you with tooooo many baby pics, but he really is just so cute and squishy. Love him! :)

Next day we ate breakfast here:

Or more specifically, here:

We got to eat in the car! Hooray!

That was pretty fun. Walking around Boise was pretty fun, too. We did a lot of walking, which was nice (also hoping I walked off those fried french toasts I ate for breakfast).

And then later on we had yummy ice cream from this nostalgic little ice cream/candy shop. I had lemon ice cream and it was sooo goood!!

And that sums up my little trip to Boise! I'm so glad I got to go, and see where they live, and visit, and play with Miles.:) I had a lot of fun - and I must say, after several cross-country drives, a 5 hr road trip flies by! It's nothin.' ;)

(note on the title of this post: apparently a frenchman discoverer came into the area and exclaimed, "les boise!" which supposedly means "the woods!" And hence Boise is known as "the city of trees," a subject of intense debate betwixt my brother and I: does it deserve its name?? Hmm . . . ;))

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The Mel B said...

Haha so cute and squishy!

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