Sunday, August 28, 2011

three pictures

Beautiful clouds from my back deck yesterday :)

Abigail had a violin recital yesterday!
This is the first recital she's performed in somewhere other than someone's home. She played Gavotte from Mignon (suzuki Book 2) and she did a really great job.

And look what Zac did! We have an unusually exceptionally tall garage. Seriously. It's something like 14 ft tall (they lowered the floor to decrease the slope of our driveway to make it acceptable to code - but kept the ceiling at the same height). So we've been meaning to do something to take advantage of all this vertical space. Someday. I guess we've been meaning to do that for the 9.5 yrs we've lived here. Sigh. But we finally did it! We had to borrow a ladder to reach up there. And we will finally move the Christmas and camping stuff out of our storage in the basement and put it here instead! I'm very excited. Sometime we'll even add shelves to the storage in the basement so all those remaining buckets will be more accessible as well! wohoo!
Shelves everywhere, everywhere! :)

(still haven't finished the summer posts, btw. Hang in there for me, ok?)

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