Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Fun {3}

Family Reunion at Dinosaur Park (July 30)

(note: these catch-up summer fun posts will not be in any semblance of chronological order. Just so you know)
Isaac and Zac had a scout day camp they were committed to going to this day, so unfortunately they are absent from these family reunion photos. But they had fun, too. I think.

Me and my crew, my mom, and her parents.

my mom with 4 of her 6 siblings and their parents.

Notice the difference in skin tone between these 2 girls of mine. Crazy isn't it? Elisabeth got some of Zac's part-japanese skin coloring - Abigail obviously got none.

Dinosaurs! yay!

mom and her friend Lowell

what?!? you say there's a T-Rex coming to attack us from behind while we pose for an innocent photo-op?? Impossible.

Chelsea feeding Elisabeth to the dinosaur. He looked hungry. And she's a nice snack.

dinosaurs ;)

grandma and kidlings - and a stegosaurus

brontosaurus and our family branch:)

So much fun.:)

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Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

That looks like so much fun. I've never been there.

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