Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"identical cousins all the way"

(^ from the theme song to The Patty Duke Show. You knew that, right? Of course you did.)

Last week we had the chance to have our 9 yr old nephew (Zac's brother's son) come stay with us for the week. Isaac was beyond thrilled to have someone available to play with him 24 hrs a day. They got along so well, and look! They have the exact same colored eyes! They do look like they could be brothers, at least, or maybe identical cousins, or something. ;)

They played hours and hours and hours of Monopoly (Isaac can never get any of us to play with him).And some video games, too, of course.

And we went to the pool a couple times.

Ray and Isaac talked each other (somehow) into jumping off the diving board, which neither of them had ever done before.

(Ray jumping, Isaac waiting for his turn)

And then, they decided to try the high dive!

Brave kids!


(Isaac)And Samuel and Elisabeth had to pretend they were jumping off the diving board into the 3 ft, of course.

(Elisabeth even did a flip off the side of the pool, after watching people do it off the diving board for awhile. But she is just a crazy kid with no fear whatsoever. Need to keep an eye on this one!)

Anyway, we sure did have a great time having Ray stay with us. Needless to say, Isaac loved it more than anyone. And we'd gladly do it again anytime! :)

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