Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Fun {4}: up, up and away

I think I inherited my love of hot air balloons from my dad. I can't even tell for sure why that would be, except that I know he encouraged me to read The Twenty-One Balloons which became one of my most favorite all-time books.

At any rate, I've wanted to go see the Hot Air Balloons as part of Provo's Freedom Festival for years and years and years. Getting the kids up at 5:30 to get there was always a big deterrent. Getting me up at 5:30 to go down there was a big deterrent (esp when there were babies keeping me up all hours of the night). But this year, I was determined. This was the year we'd do it. I put it on the Summer List.
And it got crossed of the list!

It was so amazing.

walking around all the balloons being inflated

and seeing the Darth Vader balloon, then meeting Darth Vader and Storm Troopers

it took Samuel a really long time before he felt brave enough to go shake their hand, but he looked so proud of himself after he'd done it :)

watching the balloons launch was incredible, so beautiful

I loved it so much. And I know it was an experience the kids will remember forever. And I love that.

(and . . . guess what?!? Zac and I are going on our very own hot-air balloon ride on Sept 3!!! YIPPEEE!! I found an amazing LivingSocial deal that I couldn't pass up (more than half off normal price), so we're calling it an anniversary/birthday/Christmas/whatever gift. We spent part of our honeymoon near Park City where they do these balloon rides and I had wanted to do it then, but we didn't get the chance. Soo, I am unbelievably excited for this chance! Zac is . . . less than excited (a little afraid of heights and balloon crashes) but he's doing it with me because he loves me that much. Which makes me love him all the more. Oh, what's more romantic than balloon rides? Nothing, that's what.) :)


The Mel B said...

Looks like so much fun and the photos are beautiful!

Ashley Case said...

I love Twenty-One Balloons! What a fun book. We went to the balloon festival in Springville for their Art City days and you can get free balloon rides there. I haven't done it, since I've had a little one with me when I went, but one day I will. One day...

Mary said...

I am quite jealous - I mean happy for you- of the balloon ride with your hubby! I look forward to reading about it!

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