Tuesday, November 30, 2010

enough of me already

well, hip hip hooray for me, I posted every day in November. I'm assuming you are all just about as sick of me as I am of myself. So I'm going to "zip it, lock it, and put it in my pocket" (as we would tell the kids in primary at church) and post something completely unrelated to me, my life, or my thoughts (well, mostly). And then I'm going to take a blog break (for some undetermined amount of time. We'll see). Phew.

This is an album I have been listening to a lot lately and liking quite a bit. (Sarah Sample, Someday Someday)

Here are 3 of my favorites (with some of my favorite lines quoted, too). Click on the links to hear the songs. Enjoy. And take care . . .

"sleep on . . .
sleep on it tonight
I'll keep, I'll keep watch
for any sign
that we’ll be fine
cause I’m never gonna let you,
never gonna let you go."
the ocean comes and carries me
i can hear her say ‘someday’ . . . ‘someday’"


"it takes less and less
for the shadows to find me

when I hear your voice
it lets in the light
please keep talking to me tonight"

1 comment:

Christina G. said...

Congrats on 30 days of posting, and no, not sick of you yet!

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