Sunday, November 14, 2010

soccer kids: Elisabeth

yeah, soccer season ended about a month ago. But I am finally going to post about it. ;)

This was Elisabeth's first year playing. It was a team for 4-5 yr olds but we got Samuel on the same team anyway, hoping that it might help alleviate some of his anxiety to be with Elisabeth. He went to practice a few times - but mostly wouldn't leave my lap. And he played in 1 game, where about halfway through he finally agreed to go out on the field if he could be by her. Of course, I didn't have my camera that day, so no pics. After that, we got tired of all the crying and just let him drop out. I don't know if that's what we "should" have done or not. But that's what we did.

So anyway - here's Elisabeth:

Here she is giving her friend a really big hug (and then they fell over on top of each other and her friend got hurt and ended up having to sit out for a bit. Hence, the coach's rule that came later: no hugging on the field. That was really tough for Elisabeth.)

There they are again. I think they were actually playing tag with each other instead of soccer, but they sure are cute. :) (the hearts, by the way, are to hide the name of our city of residence, since we don't reveal that here on the blog)

And here she is giving her best effort to a corner kick. yay!

So overall, I think Elisabeth did a pretty great job. She loved going to her practice and games and started to get the idea, I think, of the game by the end. It was just so cute watching her, so it was a lot of fun.

Oh yes, and here is Abigail and her friend practicing ballet on the baseball field during Elisabeth's game (we had to take them to ballet class in the middle of the game). haha. :)

( Isaac's soccer post coming soon)


Mom B. said...

I love the corner kick picture. It looks like she put her whole body into it. Good job Elizabeth! Also love the ballet picture.

Colleen said...

She looks so cute in her uniform!

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