Monday, November 29, 2010


{Warning: Skip this post if you hate listening to whining, moaning and complaining. Really. You've been warned.}
So. This morning I couldn't get the van up the little hill on the way to school. I tried twice and got stuck twice. I backed/slid my way back down and almost hit a tree in the parkstrip. Yeah. I thought I was still on the road, but . . . apparently not, as there are not trees growing in the street, and that tree was awfully close to my rear bumper. I turned around and went around to the other "main" road that had actually been plowed. It took me almost 20 min to get the kids to school in what should have only taken 5 min. or less. I was ticked.
I parked on the street in front of my house knowing I would need to drive that same route back again to take Elisabeth to preschool. It is against city ordinance to park on the street in the winter. But I did not want to slip, slide and fight my way through my back alleyway (which has not been plowed) again leading to my driveway. Then as I left to take her to preschool, I noticed a city code enforcer truck prowling around our street. Dangit. So when I got back (and saw him parked across from my house), I was forced to go back around to my driveway. I can't even get up my driveway when it is shoveled because it is sloped and the thin layer of frosty ice left by the shovel is too slick to get up. But it's not even shoveled and I don't feel like even bothering. So I parked at the bottom and hoped it didn't just slip it's way into the alley. Then I walked through the snow up to my garage and my pants and shoes were soggy and cold and wet.
And I can't go for my walk because even though I can brave the cold, I am absolutely not willing to trudge through the snow. Because sidewalks, walking paths, and most streets have not been cleared. And I don't have snow boots.
So, I'm just in a bad mood. This morning has left me dreading this winter with such a vengeance that I was in tears. Literally. That's a really bad sign. I don't feel like doing anything.

I think I need snow tires for the van. And maybe a snowblower (even though that still won't make it possible for me to get up my driveway). And some boots. And a treadmill. And cookies. Double chocolate cookies. With hot chocolate. Yup.
(maybe after I bake some cookies, and exercise, and shower, and nap, and am feeling semi-human again, I'll attempt a post on what I like about winter . . . because there are some things I like . . . I think . . .) :/


Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

Ick, that sounds horrible. There has to be something that says that alleyways will be cleared in a timely manner if they expect you to park there. That's ridiculous. I love snow that stays on the grass, but does not stick to sidewalks and roads. Yuck.

Ellie said...

I think you need a bag of sand for your driveway. And definitely the cookies and hot chocolate. I am right there with you on winter!

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