Tuesday, November 16, 2010

all the more reason to blog

I got to look in some cold dark corners, see what was there, shine a little light on what we all have in common. Sometimes this human stuff is slimy and pathetic . . . but better to feel it and talk about it and walk through it than to spend a lifetime being poisoned.

- Anne Lamott
I found this quote in my unpublished drafts. I don't remember what my point was originally, but it strikes me today as a good explanation for why I blog about everything, good bad and ugly. Or mostly everything, anyway. I am trying to get maybe a touch better about self-censoring some things.
And I read through and wrote and thought about probably half a dozen other blog posts for today, but nothing is really coming together in my mind. So, I'm posting this instead. I've been feeling rather slimy and pathetic lately myself, actually. But I am trying to walk through it . . . hopefully I will still be mostly intact and unpoisoned when I come out on the other side.

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Amber Baker said...

I'm sorry you are feeling that way Kristen. I'll put your name on the prayer roll next time I go to the temple and keep you in my prayers. I like writing about things too, sometimes it just feels better to get it all out. Kind of like a sliver, then others can help me shoulder the burden.

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